How to Start a Business With No Money, a Laptop, and an Idea (Part 2)

 This put up is the second 1/2 of our start a enterprise collection, wherein I’m protecting the way to start a commercial enterprise and not using a money and simplest your laptop, an concept, and a workspace.

Inside the first part of the collection, we blanketed the stairs concerned in launching. You defined your human beings, brainstormed destiny products, and created a operating on line logo.

Right here’s the post again, if you overlooked it:

Element 1: how to begin a successful weblog without a cash (component 1).

Today, we’re bringing matters full circle and final the loop. I’m drilling down on the two paths with a view to get us past release and into the boom, Hustle and income stages of the DIY-Your-enterprise Blueprint.

#SIDENOTE This collection is a deep dive into the four stages of the DIY-Your-enterprise Blueprint. I’m peeling back the curtain on each phase and sharing the unique steps to boost up your increase and get to the following stage as fast as viable.

In case you take into account, in direction #1, your attention is on constructing a platform before you release your product. Here’s the sequence:

Site visitors
Path #2 includes the equal steps, handiest we’re switching the order of things and creating a product first and content ultimate. Because the collection is reversed, we’ll also take a look at distinct strategies for riding visitors and building your platform.

To make it greater smooth for you, I’ve created a marketing strategy template you could personalize in your biz! Just click the image underneath to seize it.
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